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I am flunking retirement 101. When I started my freshman year of college, classified ads for jobs were categorized by gender, jobs for boys or girls, men or women. My dorm at Carleton College was locked at 10 pm, the curfew for women. Four years later, dorms were co-ed. I thought the pace of change then was stunning. But today, after my more than 35 years leading corporate communications in business, I have never seen a more dramatic change in the new social landscape in which business is now conducted. So rather than retire, I joined Darden Graduate Business School’s James Rubin to co-write Reset. Business and Society in the New Social Landscape.


Barie Carmichael has more than 35 years of experience directing global corporate communication and has managed strategic corporate communication on a global scale in a variety of industries involving issue management, corporate branding, crisis, employee engagement and media relations.

A co-author of Columbia University Press’ Reset: Business and Society in the New Social Landscape and Senior Counselor at the global communications consultancy APCO Worldwide, Carmichael counsels senior corporate management and the next generation of business leaders on navigating the new social ecosystem in which businesses today operate.

As Dow Corning Corporation’s chief communications officer, the company’s board of directors elected her to the position of corporate officer, recognizing her strategic contributions to guiding the company through the decade-long silicone breast implant crisis.

In addition to her work at Dow Corning Corporation, Ms. Carmichael was formerly a partner at The Brunswick Group and also served as VISA USA’s executive vice president of corporate relations.

Ms. Carmichael is a Batten Fellow at The University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate Business School and is also a member of the Arthur W. Page Society. Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards for issue management, employee communication and change management.

Ms. Carmichael graduated with honors from Carleton College and has a master’s degree in English from the University of Minnesota. She is also a graduate of INSEAD’s Advance Management Program, Fontainebleau, France.

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